Pro-Tec Pads Street Polvi/Kyynärpää Suoja Setti

Pro-Tec Pads Street Polvi/Kyynärpää Suoja Setti

Pro-Tec set the industry standard when the Street Pad series hit the scene. High- grade, durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and full-coverage caps provide complete protection without restricting movement.
An ergonomically designed splint with full wrap straps provide palm protection and wrist support without compromising your range of motion.

The legend, reborn. our most popular pad series has been updated with a new hard cap design, an ergonomic Knee Cup Shape, and diamond grip pull tabs, as well as a new diamond texture skid panel.
From the dirt to the street these pads set the industry standard for all other pads to follow.


• Locked in EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate),
a combination of thick and thin padding with an ergonomic design that “locks in”
Your knees for optimal fit and maximum protection.

• Ballistic Nylon,
ultra-tough ballistic nylon that resists tears and protects your knees from skids and scrapes.

• Hard Cap,
a curved cap that allows better fit and protection.

• Perforated Neoprene,
Allows for better ventilation keeping you cool and dry.

Pro-Tec Pads Street Polvi/Kyynärpää Suoja Setti
 Pro-Tec Pads Street Polvi/Kyynärpää Suoja Setti

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